Weekdays: (1) Practice Session 

Saturdays: (1) 90 minute session with station based skill training and scrimmages


As an introduction to softball for most players, the focus is on developing softball and sports behavior skills throughout the season.


Softball Skills:


  • Hitting off a batting tee: Proper stance, grip, step, and level swing.
  • Basic Fielding: ready position, glove position to “get” the ball, where to throw, and where to stand to receive a throw.
  • Base running: running through first base, running to other bases in correct order.
  • Throwing: proper grip, release, body position (point, twist/swim/point, follow-through)
  • Playing positions: know names of positions and locations on the playing field

Behavior Skills:

  • Bench control and behavior 
  • Running on and off the field
  • Shaking hands (or fist bumps) at the end of the game
  • Maintaining focus

Rules of Play: Pee Wee Division

  • ALL players must be in uniform – black pants or shorts, team visor, team shirt and socks.
  • 8 batters or 3 outs per team per inning.
  • If a runner is out she must leave the base.
  • Eleven players defensively, with 5 evenly spaced in the outfield, if fewer than 11, reduce outfield.
  • ALL players are included in the batting order.
  • ALL players must play at least two innings in the infield each game.
  • ALL players must have a chance to play all positions during the season.
  • There MUST be a clear separation between infield and outfield positions.
  • Infielders MUST play in position and not move toward home plate.
  • No on field defensive changes may be made during the inning.
  • Pitcher and all infielders MUST wear a face mask.
  • Batters and runners MUST wear a helmet.
  • The batting tee is to be placed in its LOWEST position and about 2” in front of the plate.
  • Batter must stand square to home plate and not with an open or closed stance. Hitting the ball in front of the plate.
  • Ball must be batted out of the arc area (aprox. 25 feet)
  • On hit, runners advance one base ONLY.
  • NO advancing on overthrown balls.
  • All bases are set at 60 feet.